Simply put, a roofing contractor is someone who is a professional at repairing, replacing, and installing roofs, a.k.a. roofers. Unlike a general contractor, they don’t tend to offer services outside of this area of expertise which allows them to be the best at their craft. We advise that you check a roofer’s credentials, reviews, and past roofing jobs before hiring them for a job.

Necessary Skills to be a Roofing Contractor

Roofing contractors need to be able to assess the current state of a roof, provide estimates for the material and labor expenses, and also carry out that work. A roofer needs to have a good eye when doing inspections. They need to be able to detect leaks as well as recommend the appropriate solutions and materials for the structure. A great roofing contractor should be skilled enough to execute a successful roof replacement and not just small repairs and patches.

Roofers are trained to work with different kinds of materials, but some may specialize in a certain kind of roofing. Most roofers will know how to work with shingles, tiles, metal roofing, underlayment, ventilation, and other roofing systems.

Independent Crews vs Sub-Contractors

A large percentage of roofing contractors run their crews independently. This allows them to interact directly with the homeowners. Sub-contractors are roofers hired by other contractors or builders to install the roof of a structure. Sometimes, independent crews will also make use of sub-contracted labor if the volume of their workload or business model is larger. Because you will be signing a contract when hiring a roofer, you should understand the level of oversight your contractor will provide to these outsourced crews. Your hired contractor should be responsible for the roofing job no matter who his/her installers are. Ask questions to make sure you understand the policies of your roofing contractor. A trustworthy and reputable roofer will give you clear and concise answers.


A roofer is a skilled individual or company that can repair, install, and maintain a roof. They can and should be experienced with multiple roofing materials and do the job within the necessary safety and quality standards. Some roofers are independent crews and others are sub-contractors that work alongside other companies. If you’d like to work with a trustworthy roofer that specializes in shingle and metal roofs, contact Yoder Family Roofing today! We are a family-owned company in Millersburg, Ohio that offers the most popular asphalt, metal, synthetic, and slate roof systems. We serve the entire state of Ohio, as well as portions of West Virginia and Western Pennsylvania. With our wide selection of color options, we will be able to put together a roofing package that is unique and perfect for your needs! Get a free estimate today.

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