It can feel difficult to find reliable roofers that serve your area, but there are plenty of trustworthy businesses and teams out there. Finding good roofing companies may take a little bit of research on your part, but you’ll be glad that you didn’t just go for the first roofing company you saw. We’d like to help you know what to look for.

Proof in the Past

Take a look at their reviews, especially those on Trustpilot Google Reviews, and other business review systems. You’ll want to see what past customers experienced. Observe the overall satisfaction in their reviews, and see if their expectations were met. Compare these reviews with the reviews that they listed on their own website.

Another thing you should take the time to look at is a company’s past projects. These images will often be the “finished result” only, but some of the best companies show “Before and After” roofing images to showcase their abilities in even the toughest jobs. If this is a new company, consider asking them questions about the things you are most concerned about. See if they are reputable individuals in their community. The best reviews are referrals and good words by people in your area.


From beginning to end, a roofing company should be upfront with you about costs, time, and process. If you are not able to ask questions, or their answers are vague and uninformative, that is a huge red flag. A good company knows how to verbalize its reliability and roofing services.

Customer Focused

Besides the roof, you should be one of the main priorities of a reliable roofer. A good roofing company will have members on their team who will meet up with you before finalizing a quote to look at your current roofing needs, and your project ideas, and get to understand you better. Reliable roofing companies will work to get a job done efficiently so that your satisfaction is met. Their priority shouldn’t be to be the fastest or have the most jobs in a season, their goal should be to do what is best for your roof and your schedule.

Find Reliable Roofers like Yoder Family Roofing

We’ve been taking on roofing and spouting jobs since 1998. Everything began with hard work and establishing long-term relationships with our customers because let’s face it, roofing is a lifelong project. We made it through the economic downturn of 2008 and that only happened because we could offer reliable work, fair pricing, and valuable customer relations. Just look at our customer’s reviews. When you choose Yoder Family Roofing you are choosing a company built on quality and integrity. With us, you’ll find reliable roofers.

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